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Dear Friends and Listeners:


    Please allow me a brief moment of your time to tell you what is happening with the Cold River Radio Show, and to Thank You for an exciting and wonderful two years.

     I would like to remind you that our upcoming show will be held at Theater in the Wood in Intervale, NH, Sunday, July 13th at 7pm, and we have a fantastic show planned. So, mark that calendar and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

     We are also approaching our 2nd year Anniversary, which we will be celebrating with a very special Anniversary Performance Sunday, August 24th.

     It is hard to believe it has been two years since our inaugural show. Lots of Cold River magic has flowed under the bridge since our beginnings in 2012. We have made many wonderful memories. Without our grassroots fans like you, we would never have made it through the last two years. Despite a very challenging environment we have accomplished great things. In part, our success is due to the hard work of our casts and crew, but we owe our deepest appreciation to you, our community, friends, sponsors, and fans.

    In the last decade the cultural entertainment scene throughout the country has made dramatic shifts. The record industry has all but folded in upon itself and many smaller more intimate venues no longer feature live entertainment, or have simply closed their doors. Outside of big theaters and concert venues entertainment trends have ebbed away from live performance. Without artist development support from a thriving record industry, and with public interest trending away from performing arts the environment for new cultural arts is adverse at best.

     I believe in part these trends were caused by developing digital technology and the resulting easy accessibility to televised programming as well as other forms of digital, virtual, or internet based entertainment.

     Many pubs and clubs which once featured live performance are now equipped with state of the art multi-media entertainment systems, multiple flat screen televisions with virtually unlimited channels, and digital jukeboxes with a literally endless stream of previously recorded music. In addition to these developments in social gathering places, hand held devices, laptop computers, and home entertainment centers keep people occupied at home, where they often stay.

   The volume of digitally available entertainment and information is hard to comprehend or measure. Across America and around the globe these new resources of unlimited entertainment have captivated millions and provide a more than adequate entertainment experience for those who seek an often much needed escape.

   Creative performing artists and writers have to hustle like never before and are striving to develop new and innovative ways to participate, stabilize their careers, continue to develop their skills, and create opportunities in today's challenging environment.

The live performing arts scene once supported by eager audiences of listeners, buying records and attending shows, is in the past. The traditional American Folk Singer is fast becoming an endangered species.      

     I am here to remind you that we at the Cold River Radio Show, are working very hard to create an environment in which artists can continue to thrive. Our performers receive the attention and the appreciation they truly deserve as we continue in our mission to promote and preserve our ongoing creative artistic cultural heritage and continue the legacy of creative music, arts, and the spoken and written word. We do all this and more in the spirit of the classic radio variety show. A winning formula that has proven itself for generations.

     On behalf of all the artists, musicians, authors, and storytellers who have joined our catalog of performers I would like to very sincerely Thank You. Not only for attending the shows, but for sharing your enjoyment of the experience with others and helping us continue to build our community of Cold River Radio Show fans. It is strong community support that will enable the Cold River Radio Show to have a productive, exciting, and stable future, both here in the Mount Washington Valley and beyond. We are a rising star in the North East and, via our growing network of artists and fans, word is spreading fast. We are well on our way to reaching our goal of becoming the number 1 radio variety show in New England.

     We hope you will continue to share our dream with us as we do our part to preserve, protect, and promote the amazing arts and culture of the North East and New England. If you have been to a show, you know just what I mean. If you have not, then come on down to the Cold River Radio Show at Theater in the Wood, join the fun, and see for yourself what it's all about. With your continued support and participation we will celebrate many many more Anniversaries. See

you at the show.

   Your Appreciative Host,



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The Cold River Radio Show is actively seeking

sponsorship and support....


If you are interested in supporting the arts there are many reasons to choose the Cold River Radio Show and support our mission. We produce a high quality show, offer our sponsors a high level of visibility in our marketing, as well as secure and transparent accounting published annually. There are many other good reasons supporting this worthy endeavor is the right choice for you or your business. If you are interested in joining our team and insuring a stable future for the Cold River Radio Show we would be glad to hear from you. Please contact Producer/Director/Host Jonathan Sarty or Executive Producer Vince Pelote at or call us at 603-356-3756. We humbly thank all our seasons pass holders and season sponsors who made our first year possible. 2014 here we come!


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